A new theatrical event “The Apple Does Not Fall: Journeys of a Russian-Jewish Family” will have its Chicago-area premiere, August 16-26, at Piven Theater, 927 Noyes Street, Evanston.



The event features two plays, written by a Russian-Jewish emigre, Bena Shklyanoy and Kevin Olson of FirstHand Theatrical, plus a short film “Cultural Inheritance” created by Shklyanoy’s granddaughter, Abigail

These stories are eyewitness accounts of an ordinary Russian-Jewish family and their life experiences from the pre-Bolshevik and Soviet eras to the 1970’s immigration to the US.


Click here for more details:  russianchicagomag.com


LifeCare is honored to be one of three major sponsors for this theatrical performance! Join us for an amazing show.

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