June Employee of the Month – Jana Coombs!

For the month of June, we are proud to announce Jana Coombs as our employee of the month.

Jana has been with LifeCare Home Health for over 10 years and as the company has grown so has she. She started as a receptionist and worked her way to being the hardworking therapist coordinator that she is now.

Jana is growth-oriented, not only in her own life but for LifeCare as well and that is shown in how she always strives to do better no matter what she is doing. One of her favorite words she uses is but and that’s because she is always trying to make things as efficient as possible. This was recently put to the test when she had to come up with and create a more effective therapy form when none existed that worked for our company’s needs.

Her over-excitement for life, whether something personal or work-related, is infectious, it rubs off on everyone around her and has them following in that excitement. She is an important part of the LifeCare family and we thank her for all she does.


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Walter & Jane Shekman, Owners

LifeCare was founded by a husband and wife team, Walter and Jane Shekman, in 2006, as a small home health care agency that focused on the medical care at home and catered to the needs of the local community. Ever since its inception, Walter and Jane have had a vision to create a new type of at-home care company: a company that bridges existing gaps in care by placing the client at the center and integrating providers and all available at-home care services around the client depending on the current need.

Since then, LifeCare has grown to become a recognized and trusted leader in the comprehensive post-acute care services at home amongst our clients, patients and healthcare providers in the Chicagoland area. By combining medical and supportive care at home with innovative technologies we are enabling our clients to live safer and happier lives in the comfort of their home.
Walter & Jane Shekman, Owners

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