Tips for Providing Emotional Support for a Senior After Lung Cancer Treatment

The end of cancer treatment can mean different things for different people.
If treatment has been successful, this is a time to celebrate and feel excited for how far your parent has come. If the treatment has not been successful, and your parent has decided to cease treatment, it can be a sad and disappointing time.


Elderly Care in Northbrook IL: Senior Cancer Support

Elderly Care in Northbrook IL: Senior Cancer Support


Either way, your parent is likely to experience a range of emotions after treatment and will need support. The encouragement you offer your parent can make a tremendous difference in how they can get through these emotions, and how they perceive life moving forward.


Use these tips to provide emotional support for a senior after lung cancer treatment:

  • If your aging parent has finished treatments, and it has been considered a success, be ready to celebrate. Encourage them to feel good, and to be happy. This is a wonderful time, and they deserve to feel victorious.
  • If your aging parent has elected to stop treatment, provide support, and reassure them that they are not a failure. Commend them for making such a brave decision.
  • Let them know a wide range of emotions is “normal”, and they shouldn’t be concerned about what other people think they should be feeling or experiencing. Reassure them that they are allowed to feel however they want to feel and that you are there to support and help them through it.
  • Talk to them about your own feelings and emotions. Just knowing you are going through difficult feelings as well can help your parent to feel more secure about their emotions, and they may be willing to talk to you about them.
  • Encourage your parent to participate in a support group. This group will show them that they are not alone, and give them a place to express themselves and what they are going through.


How can elderly care services help?

Because the services of an elderly care provider are completely customized, the way this type of care can benefit your senior is totally personal to them. One of the most meaningful ways an elderly home care services provider can enhance your senior’s life, however, is through companionship and emotional support.

Many elderly adults cope with feelings of isolation, loneliness, depression, and anxiety associated with no longer having the same level of social interaction, and also dealing with challenges and limitations that keep them from being able to participate in the activities they once loved.

Companionship and emotional support from an elderly care provider can help your parent to ward off these negative feelings, and also find ways to feel more engaged and fulfilled in their regular life. This can boost their motivation to take care of themselves, and support an overall higher quality of life as they age in the place.


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Walter & Jane Shekman, Owners

Walter & Jane Shekman, Owners

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Walter & Jane Shekman, Owners