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Regulatory Changes From the Department of Labor Impact Caregivers & Patients

Regulatory Changes From the Department of Labor Impact Caregivers & Patients

Posted By LifeCare || 4-Jan-2016

Regulatory changes handed down from the Illinois Department of Labor will impact home care workers by affecting their overtime. Now, homecare companies will have to cut caregiving hours and force caregivers to work for multiple employers in order to maintain their previous earnings. For clients, the issue is that they will suffer inconsistency in their care because they will have to see more rotating caregivers if they wish to avoid paying overtime charges.

In October, Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts—who is responsible for managing all emergency filings in the D.C. Circuit—signed an order that opened the door for approximately two million caregivers in the United States to be eligible for overtime pay as well as minimum wage. As America’s baby boomer generation ages, the demand for home care has spiked. As a result, home care is now the fastest growing occupation in the country, demanding new attention to old problems and inequities.

What Does This Mean for LifeCare Patients?

The decision affects individuals who receive care through agencies such as LifeCare. Caregivers employed through businesses such as LifeCare must now be paid overtime benefits. This means less consistency for patients, as patients who wish to avoid paying expensive overtime fees will see a more frequent rotation of caregivers.

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