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Healthy Aging in 2016

Healthy Aging in 2016

Posted By LifeCare || 25-Jan-2016

The start of a new year is always a great time to start a new plan—how about being healthy in 2016? LifeCare is passionate about helping adults enjoy healthier, happier lives. One way we believe you can enjoy life to the fullest is making efforts to live an active, healthy lifestyle this year. We are excited to be offering a series of educational discussions on this topic, so be sure to check back in with our blog!

Review our top five ways to kick off 2016 as a year for healthy aging:

1. Get Out & Be Active

Many people cringe when they hear that they should be more active. Being physically active doesn’t just mean running a few miles or lifting weights! Participate in activities you enjoy and have fun doing, such as yoga, running on the beach, fitness classes, walking your dog, gym or community park classes, cycling, and other alternatives to the sometimes mundane gym workouts. Don’t be intimidated by fitness goals or weight loss plans! Being active can be as simple as walking to more places or planning recreational activities with your friends. If you’re just getting back into the game, focus on improving your strength, balance, and flexibility!

2. Become More Disciplined with Your Diet

Just because you’re over a certain age doesn’t mean you forget about eating healthy—in fact, it is more important for older individuals to maintain disciplined, healthy diets. You don’t need to start on any new diet fad or cut out all your favorite treats, just aim to make smarter food choices this year. You need to make sure your body is getting the right nutrients it needs to keep you healthy. That includes a balance of proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Depending on your health, medications, and other factors, you may need to tip the scales a certain way. Talking with your doctor about making healthy food choices is the first step.

3. Make Sure You Use Medicines Safely

As we age, medicine, supplements, and certain drugs can help make life a whole lot better. From keeping you healthy to reducing pain, medicines can be extremely beneficial. You most likely take a number of different medicines or prescription drugs, which can sometimes interact with each other in a dangerous way if not monitored correctly. Keep your medicines organized. Consider setting an alarm on your phone or leaving a note for yourself somewhere around the house where you will see it. Always ask your doctor about new medications and clarify whether or not any dietary supplements or vitamins you are taking remain ok for you to take. The more you keep your doctor in the loop on your medicines, the better.

4. Get Any Recommended Vaccines

Staying up-to-date on your vaccinations may seem like a small thing, but it can go a long way in keeping you healthy. Vaccinations can prevent unwanted sicknesses, such as the cold or flu, and help your body better fight off ailments when they do come. From the shingles vaccination to measles, mumps, and rubella, there are a number of different vaccinations to consider—all of which can empower you to live a healthy life this year.

5. Discuss Your Health Concerns with Your Doctor

As mentioned early, regularly talking with your doctor is extremely important. You shouldn’t rely on them to identify health issues or concerns—treat your relationship with your doctor like a partnership. Keep them informed on any health concerns you may have and don’t be afraid to ask questions or run health choices by them (such as starting a new diet). You and your doctor should be working as a team to maintain your health at an optimal level. This can help prevent sicknesses or medical issues before they ever arise!

Visit our blog again for helpful information on aging healthier in 2016.

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