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LifeCare Improves Patient Satisfaction Surveys

LifeCare Improves Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Posted By || 19-Apr-2016

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) presented a new set of star ratings for home health care agencies on January 28, 2016. These ratings are formulated on patient experience and evaluation of their service providers. LifeCare rated five out of five stars on this ranking and joined the top 2.6% of home health care agencies across the nation.

As a reminder, these new ratings covered the following:

  1. Patient Care
  2. Provider/Patient Communication
  3. Care Issues
  4. Overall Care Rating by the Home Health Agency
  5. Star Rating Survey Summary

While LifeCare received a five out of five ranking, the survey made by CMS itself did not. Many patients were frustrated by the “cumbersome, hard to understand” questions that were not specific or clear enough to truly provide helpful feedback. Jane Shekman, Principal at LifeCare, commented, “That is why LifeCare partnered with TRI international, a nonprofit organization, to distribute information to patients about activities panned by TRI to gather patient feedback about the content and format of Patient Satisfaction Surveys. We hope to get patients engaged in the process, and are looking forward to positive changes in the home healthcare field."

The Patient Satisfaction Survey system can only improve as patients provide helpful feedback and constructive criticism. A more user-friendly survey can help LifeCare and other home health care agencies better evaluate themselves and make the necessary changes to improve the patient experience.

Trust LifeCare For In-Home Health Care Services In Northbrook.

LifeCare is dedicated to patient satisfaction, even if that means altering the Patient Satisfaction Survey itself to better meet the needs of patients! Located in Northbrook, Illinois, LifeCare is an independent care provider that capably keeps up with changes in health care and provides solutions for evolving health care circumstances. Their services give patients flexible options for care that many large home care franchises simply can’t offer.

For more information, call LifeCare’s 24 hour care line to speak with a representative today.
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