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Our Story

Our Story:
LifeCare Home Health &
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Partners in business. Partners in life.

Walter and Jane started their personal and professional journey when they met in Chicago after emigrating from different parts of Ukraine at a young age in 1989. “When we were moving here with our large families, parents, grandparents, and siblings, we were hoping to find a new home. Chicago became a new home for all of us,” says Jane. Since that time, Jane and Walter have obtained their education in Chicago, built their own family, and raised two kids. Jane and Walter have lived in Chicago for large portions of their lives and have tightly integrated with Chicago culture and community. As a result, they have become well aware of the needs in their communities.

Both seasoned professionals in the diagnostics, pharmaceutical, and healthcare arena, Walter and Jane have vast experience and expertise in developing strategic, creative, and workable solutions for companies, improving process inefficiencies, and working with complexities of the regulatory requirements, all while uncovering the intricacies of the healthcare policy and reimbursement maze. Having dealt with healthcare regulations for existing health options available for people in their homes, they realized that there was a gap in care. There were a myriad of companies offering one or another type of services, but no one really offered a one-stop solution. Nobody was able to guide individuals through the difficult options for care and reimbursement.

The Vision

With individuals’ best interests in mind, an idea to build a company that bridges the gap appeared. Walter and Jane’s vision was to develop a local company that caters to the needs of the patients and clients in their community by offering custom care solutions that help individuals who required medical needs or simple assistance at home, who had private insurances, or who relied on the government funded programs. There is no standard approach to client care in this day and age. Each client's situation must be evaluated for the needs and payer sources they have at their disposal, and a custom care plan should be developed.

Many companies get their name recognition through franchise branding. Jane and Walter never considered this as an option. “The main problem with franchises,” says Jane, “is that they have to follow strict processes set up by the corporate division and lack flexibility to adapt to rapid changes in the healthcare environment. New policies, new reimbursement options, new technological products. Being independent and following only regulations of the state of Illinois, allows us swiftly recognize new needs and implement them fast. This also gives our clients flexible options for a wide spectrum of services that many franchisees do not offer.”

The History

LifeCare Home Health & In-Home Services was founded in 2006. Our company is unique in a sense that it offers an array of medical and non-medical services, and holds necessary licensing from the regulatory bodies to ensure compliance and maximize available reimbursement. As an example, a typical client who qualifies for medical home health services would be able to receive the services of the nurse, physical or occupational therapist, and home health aide that are covered by Medicare or private insurers. There is an option to supplement the services with a caregiver for non-medical assistance at home with activities of daily living. Once the medical home health coverage discontinues, some patients choose to continue one or another medical service on a private basis. The entire care team – comprised of medical and non-medical personnel – is coordinated by one care manager who ensures that there are no gaps in services and that all client needs are being met.

“The important factor for our clients,” says Walter, “is that we are local and accessible. Our company is large enough to negotiate contracts with insurance providers, but small enough to have a personal touch when caring for our clients.”

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